Introduction: Five Grain, Protein Rich, Ω3 Fat Enriched Bread/pizza Base

I am not a person having problem with wheat but I was following one diet plan which  asked avoiding of wheat and all gluten containing foods. When I first started looking for the recipes to make gluten free bread, these were made using  flours of  rice, tapioca, potato starch, gum powders. These breads will certainly be low in protein and high in carbohydrate contents and glycemic index. Some of the recipes are not to be truly called breads as these are prepared without using fermentation by yeast or sourdough cultures. Moreover, I wanted to make a vegetarian preparation as I don’t like eggs but can consume milk products. I tried many combinations and proportions of gluten free flours and finally came out with this recipe. This has a taste of bread, soft and spongy  texture from inside with porosity and crisp from outside. In spite of not using wheat, it forms the crust. I will say from my experience that it is worth trying.

Step 1: Step 1: Ingredients

100g sorghum flour
40g ragi flour (finger millet flour available in Indian grocery shops)
20g each of soy flour, pea flour and brown rice flour and skimmed milk powder (SMP)
50g yogurt/ homemade curds
200 mL warm water
2g fresh yeast
5g fresh garlic paste
2g Italian herbs
5g salt
10g Soybean oil
2g flaxseed oil

Step 2: Step 2: Special Utensils

No special utensils or kitchen gazettes are needed. This bread can be baked  even in a microwave oven but I used combination of microwave and convection.

Step 3: Step 3: Instructions and Notes

1. Warm 150mL water in microwave to be lukewarm (370C) and transfer in a mixing bowl.
2. Add about 2g fresh yeast, stir well till cloudy.
3. Add the grain flours and SMP mix well.
4. Add yogurt, herbs, garlic paste, oil and salt and mix well.
5. Allow the mixture to increase in volume in a mixing bowl (takes 2hrs).
6. Transfer into the baking vessel and allow it to grow to double the size.
7. Sprinkle few sesame seeds on top and bake in microwave mode for 8 minutes (set at 900w).
8. Remove the breads from the moulds/pots and keep upside down in a convection mode at 2200C for 10 minutes.
9. For making the pizza, prepare pizza base without adding spices and garlic paste, before shifting to convection mode, spread the pizza sauce, vegetables/toppings and cheese and bake.

Step 4: Notes and Table About Nutrient Composition

Most of the ingredients are available in Asian/Indian grocery stores and health food stores. Following table compares the nutrient composition of this bread (VVA11249) with reported values. This bread gives more than double the amount protein, half amount of carbs and energy  and good supply of micronutrients.

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