Introduction: Fix Exposed Wires in Charger

Does you have a phone charger or other wire device with exposed wires? I did, but no longer once I completed this quick fix with the amazing sugru!

Step 1: Clean Up Around Exposed Wires

Clean up the area around the wires. I used a dry cloth to gently wipe the area around the exposed wires to make sure it was clean of dirt and grime.

Step 2: Locate Sugru

Sugru is a fantastic product that is mould-able like silly putty and dries semi-hard. The fact that it dries into a rubber-like state is great when you are fixing a wire because it allows the wire to keep moving naturally.

Step 3: Mould the Sugru Onto the Exposed Wires

Take out the packet of sugru and open it. Take as much sugru out as you need and warm it up by rubbing between your fingers. Once warm, shape it around the exposed wires. Press in a little, but not too much.

Step 4: Leave the Wires Alone for 24 Hours

Leave the wires alone somewhere dry so that they can gather their thoughts and the sugru can dry. I left mine for 24 hours, but 8 is likely more than enough. Once the sugru is dry, it is flexible,waterproof, and durable!

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