Introduction: Grouse Feather Earrings

If you are lucky enough to be able to hunt grouse in the fall, you know how delicious and plentiful they are in the wild. Along with providing organic, free-range meat for your family, grouse also have lovely feathers that are perfect material for crafts. Learn here how to use grouse feathers to make a pair of lovely earrings.

Step 1: Pick Two Matching Feathers

From a pile of grouse feathers from least year, I pick two that are close in size and colour. The feathers that are mostly speckled grey are ruffled grouse. The feathers that have a brown tip are spruce grouse. I pick two spruce grouse feathers for this earring set.

Step 2: Gather Materials and Tools

In addition to the grouse feathers, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • pair of pliers
  • scissors
  • jewelry wire/twine
  • earrings

Step 3: Strip Feathers Down to Size

Pick up the first feather and strip it down to size. To do this, split the feather at the point where you would like the earring to end and then use scissors to cut along the sides to that point. Splitting the feather first allows you to see the shape of the earring before cutting the feather permanently.

Step 4: Twine Wire Around the Feather

There are many ways to twine the jewelry wire around the feather stem. I first tie a simple knot around the feather and then use a series of half hitches. After each half hitch, I use the pliers to pull the wire tight around the feather stem.

Step 5: Attach Feather to Earring

Once you are happy with the wire twinned around your feather, clip the end off of the feather stem. Twist the two wires around each other and through the earring hole. Use a series of knots and/or twists to continue to twist the wire around itself. Clip the wire off once you are happy with the strength of the twinning.

Step 6: Duplicate the Steps and Enjoy Your New Earrings!

Duplicate the steps with the other feather. Make sure to line the two feathers up to ensure that they will end up being the same length. Enjoy your new earrings, or give them as a unique gift to a friend!

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