Introduction: Fix It Felix Jr Arcade IPhone Stand

Ever seen the disney movie "Wreck it Ralph" or heard of the game "Fix It Felix Jr" back in the 80's. I'm sure you all heard of it. I was watching YouTube videos about the arcade cab in action and commercials for the game too. After a few minutes of videos, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to make a iPhone stand for my iPhone because I had the wreck it Ralph app on my phone and I slipped it in to transform my phone into a arcade machine. It was really hard to do but I managed to build it without giving up. The hard part was making shelve hold the phone in place without breaking.

Step 1: Print and Modify the Template to the Arcade Paper Craft

I found the paper craft off the web and saved it to my flashdrive. When opened the photo files I modified the template to a large size to scale with the other tabletop arcade games I had. Once I finished modifying the scale, I printed out all the pages.

Step 2: Cut the First Side Out

Cut the first side of the paper template and fold up the tabs before you put the cab together. Glue the side of the cab to the cardboard except for the tabs. Make sure you leave some room to fit the parts together.

Step 3: Cut the Front Pieces Out

Next glue pieces of cardboard to the surfaces of the top, marquee, bezel and coin door again make sure you leave room to bend the surfaces and form the right shape.

Step 4: The Front and the Shelve

First tape the marquee sign and bezel screen to the side tabs. I used a glue stick but it ended up peeling off so I had to use tape the shelve was hard to stay steady inside but once I taped it in I was set.

Step 5: Repeat the Process From Step 2 for the Next Side

Then tape the pieces together leaving aside the control panel to slip the iPhone in.

Step 6: All Done!

Now download the wreck it Ralph app slip the phone inside the cab and enjoy gaming. I recommend u cut a Velcro flap and a lid near the screen bezel to take the phone out easier or you will have the same problem I had.