Introduction: Fix-It Felix, Jr. Cosplay Costume

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Wreck it Ralph is one of my favorite movies. I tried to find a Fix-It Felix, Jr. costume but couldn't find one for adults. So I made my own. Its also great because after I am done using it I can use the items for regular wear. The magic hammer makes repairs around the house super easy.

Step 1: Items Needed

Blue hat - This i got from, I had tried an Amazon 3rd party seller hat and the quality was junk.

Patches - I got mine from Etsy, this seller had a good price and they looked the most accurate

Magic Hammer - I 3d printed this with a file from Thingiverse. You might have also been given one to you by your father.

Shirt - I used a Dickies Men's Short-Sleeve Work Shirt in Gulf Blue, This was the closest match to the shirt I could find. The shirt was a bit large for me. It appears to be bigger than other shirts in my size. You will also need a white t-shirt to wear under the blue shirt.

Pants - I went with Levi's Men's 514 Jeans, You could use whatever jeans fit well are a darker blue than the shirt. Make sure to get them longer than needed to be able to roll the bottoms up.

Tool belt and accessories - You will need a Hammer Holder with a leather strap, not metal like mine. Measuring tape pouch and a belt.

Work Boots - I used boots similar to these but at my local Menards store.

Gloves - I also got something similar to these but at my local Menards store.

The places I got these items from are all suggestions. You may find a lower price elsewhere online or even locally.

Step 2: Patches

The patches I ironed on to the Shirt and Hat. I accidentally ironed the Felix patch a bit too close to the pocket and crooked. So pay extra attention when ironing it on.

Step 3: Some Closeups of My Magic Hammer

The Magic Hammer came out pretty good. I used Meltink3d's Gold PLA/PHA blend. Printed on my Lulzbot Taz 5 at 200microns with 25% infill. I scaled the hammer down since it was too tall for my printer. It printed with supports.

Step 4: Assembled Costume and Things I Would Change

Here is me wearing the costume while handing out Halloween treats last year. I forgot to put on the gloves for the picture though.

Future changes are that I would like to replace the buttons on the shirt from blue ones to gold. In the movie they appear to be Gold colored. Another change is that the belt I have isn't a perfect match. Maybe I will learn leather working in the future and make a more accurate one along with the tape holder and hammer holder.

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