Introduction: Fix & Redesign a Kimono

In this guide I will teach you how to fix and redesign a kimono by turning it into a dress and making the repairs an aesthetic addition to the garment.

Step 1:

Put your kimono on backwards and have help putting in needles, so the front of the kimono is closed. This is where you will be sewing the kimono later in the process and it will work as a dress.

Step 2:

Repair holes hand sewing with the buttonhole technique using a bright colored thread.

Step 3:

Repair any raw looking edges by tightly hand sewing along the edge with your colored thread.

Step 4:

Sew the front of your kimono, which you stitched with needles in step 1, together on a sewing machine. When it has been sewn together it will work as the back of your dress.

Step 5:

Add a detail of your own choice. I have chosen to use the hole in the neckpiece of the kimono to pull a matching silk-band through and tie a bow.

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