Introduction: Fixing Barbed Wire Fence

Hello, my name is Justin TeKrony. I have been fixing fence for the last 10 year. I am going to show you how to fix fence the proper way so your animals are not getting out and cost you a lot of money. Today I will show you in 3 easy steps on how to fix barbed wire fence fast and affiant. Fixing the fence will save you a lot of money by keeping your animals in so they don’t get in the neighbor crops or so that someone doesn’t hit them out on the rode and either hurt or kill the animal or kill themselves.


First, we are going to need to get a fence stretcher, barbed wire, leather gloves, clips, staples, hammer and a plyer. Also bring a four-wheeler and ride around the fence faster and figure out where the barbed wire is broken at or to see if there are any clips or staples that are missing off of the post. Most of the time people use a four-wheeler to check their fence, instead of always using a four-wheeler use something that can go at a fairly fast speed. That way the job will get done way faster.

Step 1: How to Use Clips or Staples

Find the spot where the fence is either broken or the clip or staple is off the post. Then, stop and fix what is broken. If the wire is off the steel fence post use a clip to hold the wire up and on the post. If it’s a wooden post use a staple and a hammer to hammer the staple into the post and that will hold the barbed wire on the post make sure the wire is in the middle of the staple before it get hammered in. If the clip is missing on a steel post grab a clip and then put the plyers on the back and twist it around so its on the wire tight enough so it won't fall off. After, the clips or staples are put on or in the post keep riding around the fence and see if there are any spots that the fence is actually broken and if there is in the next paragraph tells about how to fix the fence.

Step 2:

Step 3: Splicing Barbed Wire

Once the spot is found where the wire is broken this is where the leather gloves will come in handy. Supplies needed fence stretcher, barbed wire, and a plyer. First make a lope on one end of the barbed wire that is broken. Then take the spare barbed wire and run that through the lope and wrap it back around itself make sure that the wire is wrapped around the other wire very tight. Next, put each end in the stretcher and stretch the wire up as tight as possible. After that take and join the two different ends together and wrap them back around either other and let the stretcher off and see if the wire is tight enough to keep the animals in that are going to be turned out there. After riding all the way around the pasture and checked all of the fence the fencing process is done and the animals are ready to be turned out.

Step 4: Conclusion

In conclusion I have been fixing fence for most of my life and it is an important asset in agriculture. Barbed wire fence has been around for a long time because it is a reliable and cheap way to keep your animals contained. Also it is a easy fix if your fence were to break which makes life easier.