Introduction: Fix a Laptop Charger in Style

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A few of month ago I ruined yet another charger cable. It gave in to the abuses of commuting life.

During the years this happened too many times, and a lot of fixes came to mind, but none lasted long enough, let alone being neat or cool.

I think almost everyone happened to ruin a charger wire, and there are a ton of fixing methods online.

Lots of glue, tape, silicon and sugru. I never tried the latter, even if I think it's easy and functional. Maybe not the best looking fix, but fast and durable.

This time I wanted to fix my laptop charger cable in a durable and elegant way.

Since I'm working a bit with leather and the like, it came to me:"why not fixing it with leather?"

This is how it came out.

Step 1: Materials


  • A laptop charger - with ruined cable
  • A leather strip - I scavenged a pair of old shoes. The slightly curved shape helped. You want a strip 4" to 5" long and as large as the reinforced part of the cable.
  • Leather cement - I used the Pattex contact glue for shoes. It's important it's a contact glue and it's imperative it stay flexible after curing.


  • Thread and needle

Step 2: 10 Minutes Fixing

Actually my broken laptop charger wasn't the one in the cover. It was this one.

The one I'm using for this demonstration wasn't ruined at all but I didn't mind making it cooler and stronger.

This fix is working well even now without the smallest sign of damage. But I'm not quite satisfied with this fast solution finishing details, so I worked on the method a little bit more to make it nicer.

If you still think that this solution works for you, just skip to step 5.

Step 3: Optional: Sewing the Leather Strip - 1

This is totally optional and it doesn't affect functionality in any way.

I'm sewing an hem at the end of the strip and glueing one on the long side, toward the cable.

First I folded the hem and ironed it with my nail. Then I beveled the corner and, with the help of a ruler, I marked the sew with a spacer embossing tool.

Step 4: Optional: Sewing the Leather Strip - 2

Once marked, I started backstitching the hem. I didn't bother tying the thread because the glue is going to fix it.

Then I glued the hem on the long side. Wait 10 min then press it hard and it's done.

Step 5: Taking Measures

Now your strip is ready to be used, except it's too long. Turn it around the cable, a couple of time is perfect. Keep it really tight. Decide how much leather you need and cut it. Since we are using contact cement, we need to spread the glue on both the cable and the leather strip and, since the strip is wrapped on itself, both side of the strip.

Now wrap it again on the cable and mark where the strip end so that you know which part is going to remain exposed and which needs to be covered in glue.

Step 6: Glue It in Place

Spread the glue on the cable, then on both sides of the leather strip. Remember to leave clean the strip part that is going to stay exposed. Better if you use some tape to protect both the charger and the strip. It's so obvious the glue get messy that I underestimated the problem and got glue almost everywhere. Ahaha. Luckily it's rather easy to clean since this glue is cured.

Once 10 minutes have passed it's ready to wrap it up! Remember to keep the strip stretched and tight while you wound it on the cable.

Step 7: Done!!

Whether you choose the fast or the neat solution your charger has now a really strong cable!

Thanks for reading and I hope this inspired you!

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