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This is a really tasty and highly customizable cream dip that goes well with a good steak, some fries, or just a crouton. I like it with some coarse salt spread on it!

The recipe isn't heaven shaking, as there are many other roasted bell peppers cream recipe online, but thanks to a couple of twists this cream is pretty fast to make, despite starting from raw bell peppers.

I like to getting the most out of ingredients, and now it's time for raw vegetables!

The principle is similar to my "crunchiest carrot chips ever!" recipe: separating liquid and solid parts of an ingredients to get an even and faster cooking. This time, I'll juice the bell peppers to roast them at insane speed!

Step 1: Materials and Tools


  • Bell peppers (2 big ones, about 1,54lb / 700g)

I used yellow ones because it's easier to see that are roasted. You can use red ones if you prefer.

  • Garlic (1 clove)

Actually any honey, but a dark one is less sweet and will give more depth of flavor.


  1. Tabasco sauce
  2. Parmesan cheese


  • a pan
  • an immersion blender OR a blender
  • a knife
  • some bowls

Step 2: Preparing the Bell Peppers

Using now: bell peppers, a knife

I think I saw some famous chef on Youtube saying this is the fastest way to cut a bell pepper. I don't know if it's true, but I think it make sense to cut this way. We need to remove all the seeds and the white veins, even more so because we are going to juice these vegetables. I tried to juice them whole, removing only the stems, and they were almost impossible to digest. So start with cutting away the convex parts. That's the most of the peppers. Then remove the stem and the seeds. Separate the each vein and remove the white part, one by one.

That's how I do it. Probably you know of a better way :)

Step 3: Salting Your Food

Salting the food has different results depending on when you do it.

If you are concerned about your sodium intake you should probably salt the food at the very end of your cooking. The food won't fell tasteless even with a small quantity of salt.

Otherwise I suggest you to put a pinch of salt on the raw vegetable. The food won't feel salty, but the vegetables will be much more tasty, and you will discern the taste of all of them even after cooking them together.

Step 4: Juice Them!

Using now: cleaned peppers, a slow juicer, a bowl, a large glass

Cut the peppers into stripes and juice them.

If you chose so, salt the results.

Most of the weight is the liquid: 1,32lb / 600g of peppers ended in 14oz / 400g of juice and 7oz / 200g of "pieces".

This much water content is the reason bell peppers take so long to cook.

Step 5: Roast the Shredded Peppers

Using now: shredded peppers, a pan

In a pan start roasting the shredded peppers:

Preheat the pan on high and add the peppers without any oil or fat. We want to roast them, not to fry them.

Spread the vegetables and let them be for a minute or two. The scent of roasted pepper will spread. Stir them a little and let them be. Go on until you are satisfied. I was ok with the first 2 minutes. Actually I got distracted and they started to burn and stick to the pan. Hey, I was lucky and saved them just in time.

Step 6: Sweat Some Garlic

Using now: a garlic clove, a pan, some oil.

Cut the garlic clove in thin slices, then remove the bell peppers from the pan and clean it roughly. Cook the garlic. You don't need to golden it, sweating it is enough.

If you don't mind eating raw garlic, just skip this step. Personally i would prefer that way, with more kick in the dip.

Step 7: Cook

Using now: sweated garlic, roasted shredded peppers, pepper juice, a pan.

When thegarlic is ready add the roasted peppers and the juice you made earlier.

Let the juice reduce until the mix is thick, thicker than pasta's tomato sauce.

The flavor will develop further and blend in this step.

Step 8: Season

Using now: roasted peppers paste, honey, unsalted ricotta cheese, oil.

In a large glass pour the roasted peppers, 3,5oz / 100g of unsalted ricotta cheese, 1,7oz / 50g of olive oil, a teaspoon of honey.

Unsalted ricotta cheese has a mild, lightly sweet flavor, and it's an excellent base for the dip. You can substitute it with cream cheese if you prefer, it will still be really good.

As I stated in the Materials step, dark honey is the most suitable for this recipe. It doesn't add much to sweetness, but the depth of flavor will increase. Sadly I finished my chestnut honey, so I used another one.


In this recipe you never cook oil, so it's lighter and healthier!!

Step 9: Blend It

Using now: roast peppers mix, tarragon, apple cider vinegar, an immersion blender.

If you didn't salt it before, do it now.

Blend the mix until smooth and creamy. Add a bunch of tarragon and stir it with a spoon. In the picture I forgot to add vinegar before blending.

I used a single tablespoon of vinegar, but you might want to put two. Or substitute it with yellow mustard!!


Now that you are putting the last seasoning, you must choose depending on how you plan to eat it. You might stay low with the vinegar and put it on some pasta with parmesan cheese, or use yellow mustard and even tabasco to make an excellent dip.

Step 10: Eat It!

That's it!

I stayed back with salt in my cream to serve it with coarse salt on it. It adds on crunchiness and makes every bite different from the previous.

If you plan on saving for later remember that you only cooked the peppers, not the cheese. Keep it in the fridge for as long as you would do with fresh cheese.

Thank you for reading!

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