Introduction: Flashlight Freezer

About: UW-Madison engineer student

A portable small freezer made from old flashlights that will keep things frozen such as ice cubes and small snacks for portable use, also can be used as a ice pack!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials are really simple and tools are not all necessary but these are the ones that I used!

-Old disposable flashlights

-preferably 1inch EMT or a steel piping. any piping will work

-Band saw

-Drill Press

-Hot glue gun

-Needle nose pliers

-Form of measurement

Step 2: Empty Out the Flashlight

Take out the battery's and screw off the cap containing the lid, bulb, and lens. Use a needle-nose to reach the spring in the way back!

Step 3: Take Apart the Cap

With a little pull the metal frame and bulb should come off leaving the cap and a plastic lens over the top! You can discard of the bulb and metal.

Step 4: Measure for Your Freezer Piping

Whatever battery's fit into your flashlight, use their diameter as a diameter for your pipe. Measure the depth of your flashlight as well.

Step 5: Cut Your Pipe

After acquiring your pipe, find a good length do that the pipe fits with about a 1/4 of a inch sticking out the end of the flashlight. Mark this spot and carefully cut the pipe.

Step 6: HOTGLUE!!!!

First lets put the lens back onto the cap and glue it into place. We also have to seal the bottom of the pipe so glue that shut . Next, cut the bottom of your flashlight case out and slide the pipe into the body of the light and glue it shut as shown in the 2nd and last photo.

Step 7: Glue Side Switch in As Well

The switch on the flashlight needs to be watertight as well so make sure its glued!

Step 8:

with the new water sealant ring, fill it to the brim with water and seal the cap to the flashlight. holding in the water and the lens pressing against the pipe locking in the water.


With the water tight around the ring place into freezer to freeze your water into ice!

Step 10: Your Flashlight Freezer Is Done!

In the above photo i threw some ice-cubes into the flashlight freezer. So if your relaxing on a hot day outside, you have icecubes in a container than will make them last even longer, or this can be used as a ice pack as well. Also can hold small snacks like a mini fridge.

Step 11: WATER BOTTLE (optional)

use that drill press and put a hole in the lens for a straw and you have a drinkable flashlight for all your drinks, you can pour liquids into the pipe to be held as well!

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