Introduction: Flashlight Glove (no Solder or Glue Required)

With a state of the art flashlight glove, you’ll never have to hold a flashlight again!
The best part is that it's so easy even a baby could do it. Not that i'm implying that you're a baby... but if you are there's nothing wrong with that!
There's no soldering or glueing required for this DIY!

Materials needed: 

A glove
Electrical wire (I used copper wire)
Duck tape, duck tape, duck tape, and maybe duck tape
A flashlight (preferably one with a button instead of a switch)

Step 1: Take the Battery Apart

The first thing you need to do is disassemble your flashlight. Do this by unscrewing the top of the flashlight containing the light bulb and by unscrewing the bottom that holds the battery compartment.
(If you have trouble unscrewing a flashlight, consult the instructions on the flashlight package… if you have trouble reading, you’re just being needy ,I highly doubt that you could read this intractable if you can’t read, unless this is the first thing you’ve ever read… (mind blown!))

Remove the head of the flashlight by pulling out the negative (black) and positive (red) wires from their attachments. Try to keep these wires in tact, they make life easier later down the road. If you do accidently break them, no sweat, replace them with your own wire.

Test your disassembled flashlight by connecting the wires as I did, it should still work. This is the design that you will incorporate into your glove.

Step 2: Inside the Glove

Turn your glove inside out.
Poke a hold in the finger where you want the button.
Stick the spring end of the button through this hole.
Poke the wire that connects to the button through the glove.
Place the flashlight head where you want your light to be.
Tape it all down like crazy with duck tape ( duck tape is mans real best friend… the dog is a lie).

Step 3: Outside the Glove

This is the trickiest part. Turn your inside out glove back to inside in (or outside out) without disconnecting your wires. I cut a slit through the finger for demonstration purposes. You can cut the slit as well if it helps(it does depend on the glove and the flashlight). You may also want to duck tape or sew (who sews?) the gap when you’re finished.
Tape the battery compartment where you want it (I used the wrist).
Connect the exposed wire to the positive end of the battery pack.  Then connect a wire from the end of the button to the negative end of the battery pack.

Step 4: Go to Town :)

Have fun with your state of the art flashlight glove. You’ll never have to hold a flashlight again!
You’ll be the envy of all of your friends, coworkers, fathers, and your fathers’ father… (You get the idea☺)

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