Introduction: Secret Battery Compartment

This DIY will enable you to hide your personal belongings from any roommate, brother, sister, friend, enemy, cousin, uncle, nephew, your bff’s uncles’ step son’s brother once removed… or anyone else who would want to steal your things in a small convenient battery. ☺

Items Needed:
9-volt battery
Jewelers flat head screwdriver (anything that will pry the battery open will work)
Duck tape

Also recommended:
An unsharpened pencil
Small pliers

Step 1: Make Your Compartment

Pry open the top of the battery with the screwdriver.
Be careful not to slip and cut yourself. Take your time.
If your impatient and cut yourself with a dull screwdriver because you were rushing, YOUR NOT GOING TO HAVE A GOOD TIME!
Seek medical attention immediately!!!

Take off the top of the battery, save this part.
I used a small pair of pliers to expedite this process.
Be careful not to bend or break the top piece of this battery that you are removing.

Take out the rest of the contents. You won’t need the contents of the battery later in this DIY. Save the shell of the battery.
I used an unsharpened pencil to help push it out through through the other end as depicted.

Step 2: Tape It!

Apply a small strip of duck tape to the top of the battery as depicted.

Tape the top of the battery to the inside of the empty shell.
Do not tape both sides because you need to be able to open and close your compartment to hide your belongings...
Unless you really want to because you're just doing all of this to make some weird Christmas ornament or something.
Go right ahead and good luck with that. I don't judge.

Step 3: Stash Your Cash!

Stash your cash (or any small valuable that you want to hide).

Close the top of the battery shut. I used pliers to do this.

It's not going to look perfect but it will make your compartment harder to'll be hidden anyway.
If your secret compartment is discovered, closing it shut will make it extremely difficult for someone who doesn't happen to have pliers to get to your belongings. Even if they do have pliers they probably won't care because they won't know whats inside.

If they do have pliers and they know what you hid from them, YOLO... you tried!

Place your new secret battery compartment into a devise requiring a 9-volt battery that someone else probably won’t use (for example, your personal radio).
Or you can replace your battery into the package you bought it in.
All you need to do is tape the package back up.

You are now ready to hide any valuables that will fit in your new state of the art secret battery compartment.

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