Introduction: Flat Bottom - Light Bulb Vase

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I am sure you have seen a lot of Light Bulb vases.

I also made one some time ago, but I never used it.

The main reason, I did not like the fact that it needed some kind of stand or support.

Because of the shape, it can't stand on its own.

In this Instructable, I demonstrate a simple technique to make the bottom of the bulb flat-ish.

Step 1:

Remove the contact from the light bulb and then break the black ceramic.

Step 2:

Break off the stem and use the screwdriver to keep hollowing the bulb.

Step 3:

Wash and dry the bulb

Step 4:

Put it in the cold oven and turn up the temperature to the maximum.

Step 5:

Once the bulb is hot, remove it from the oven and jam it somewhere with the bottom facing up.

I used a grill rack.

Step 6:

Use a blow torch to heat the bottom.

Because the glass is so thin, it will sink in.

Now you have a Light Bulb vase than can stand on its own.


Make sure to wear safety goggles.

Technically you could skip the oven as the bulb is designed to withstand the temperature change.

It's just an extra step to limit possibilities that the glass could crack.