Introduction: Flat Packed Traffic Cone

How to make a flat packed traffic cone.

Step 1: What Do We Need

The required materials:

- a polystyrene plate 50 x 50 cm (thickness 2 mm)
- reflex tape, self-adhesive white & red (width 2 mm)
length white: 4.5 m
length red: 0.5 m

The required tools:
- a meter
- a pencil
- a handsaw
- a buzz saw
- sandpaper

Step 2: The Outlining of Your Shape and the Sawing

Draw the correct shape as shown (picture1) and cut out the shape with a handsaw.

Do this two times so you have the same form twice.

In the middle of each plate you must become a cut with 2 mm wide.

This is done best with a circular saw, with the first plate you start from the top to the middle, with the second plate you start from the bottom to the middle.

Step 3: Apply the Strips of Reflective Tape

Make sure you stick the tape right, work from bottom to top, 6 cm tape, 6 cm nothing, 6 cm tape, ...
(do not forget the back).

For the upper top you use the red tape.