Introduction: The Corrugated Cardboard Burger Box

You know the feeling, you're at a festival, you and your friends are hungry.

You decide to go after burgers, but of course you can't carry eight burgers!
I will show you how to make a corrugated carboard burger box, the perfect carrying platform allows for easy carrying and handing out burgers to your friends.

Step 1: What Do We Need?

The required materials
- A corrugated cardboard burger box
- Cardboard
- Duct tape

The required tools:
- Scissors
- A cutter
- A ruler
- A pencil
- A passer

Step 2: Cut the Handle Out

Mark the center at one of the shortest side flaps, draw two circles with a diameter of 5 centimeters at 4.5 centimeters from the board, connect these two circles and cut it out completely.

Step 3: Making the Two 'cards or Boards'

Take a piece of cardboard and measure your burger box off in height and in width.

These dimensions you sign off on that piece of cardboard, in the height take 1.5 centimeters longer and mark this with a line.
Cut the cardboard out and cut your cutter at the line you've just highlighted, (Do not cut through!)
Now you gently fold this piece so you have an angle of 90 degrees.

Do this two times so you have two 'cards or boards'

Step 4: Attach the Cards or Boards to Your Burger Box

These two cards or boards you attach using duct tape on your burger box.

Measure your box, making sure that you have three equal layers.
(Tip: adhesive only duct tape from below, this gives a better result and it is sturdy enough)

Step 5: Good to Go! & Share All the Burgers With Your Friends