Introduction: Fleece Dog Bed

My little puppy at home was in need of a new cushion for her kennel. Her old cushion was not very soft anymore and it was time for an upgrade. With a little fleece and an old pillow I was able to create a great new puppy bed for her kennel.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what I used to create the puppy bed.

Fleece - about 3/4 yard of blue and 3/4 yard of grey fabric

A pillow - I used one of our old pillows

Polyfill - For side filling


Sewing Machine

Step 2: Cut and Sew

Start by cutting the fabric to the size you want the bed to be.

My fabric was at a good size already and matched pretty well so I moved straight to sewing.

After the fabric is a good size start sewing. I sewed three of the four sides closed. I left one of the longer sides open.

Once the three sides are sewn together, flip the fabric right side out.

Step 3: Sew the Sides

Next I wanted to add some sides that I could fold up for puppy. To make these sides I sewed a seam about 6" in on either side of the bed.

This seam separated the two ends of the bed from the rest.

Step 4: Stuff

Once the sewing is complete it is time to stuff the bed.

In the middle section of the bed I was easily able to slide in an old pillow to stuff the body of the bed.

Polyfill was used to stuff each of the side of the bed.

Step 5: Sew Closed

The final step is to sew the last edge closed.

While some people may choose to create a nice seam and hand stitch the side closed, I chose to fold the extra fabric over and sew it all closed. I was less concerned about the look and wanted it to be a little more of a sturdy seam. It ended up working out very well and closed the bed nicely.

Step 6: Finished

Congrats! The bed is finished! Last thing was place it in the puppy's kennel for the night.

She still hasn't figured it out quite yet but has seemed to enjoy it so far. It gives her a nice extra cushion to lay on for the night.