Introduction: Flip Phone Safe

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The flip phone safe is a cool thing to make. I had an old phone laying around that i used to make mine. This can hold a good amount of small stuff. You can hallow out most of the phone pretty easy. This only takes a few tools to accomplish. This can be done with most flip phones I used a motorolla one. The lid stays shut which is nice.

I used these to cut the phone

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

old flip phone

wire cutter


screw driver set

Step 2: Disassemble

To make the phone into a safe you will need to gut out the insides of the phone. To do this you will need a set of small screw drivers. Phones have screw in them that are not standard but come in most common kits.

Start by taking of the battery cover plate. This should slide right off. Keep this.

Then take out the battery. The battery will not be used.

Unscrew screws going into phone that around the edges. For my phone there was four.

Then take a FLAT HEAD SCREW DRiver and and pop the phone casing into to parts.

There are buttons on the side that will fall out keep these to put them back when reassembling.

There will be little clips you have to unclip.

Take out the buttons panel.

Step 3: Gut Out Phone

Take a wire cutter and cut out all the plastic around buttons.

Cut out whatever plastic is on the inside of the phone.

The top part of the flip phone will not be gutted out.

Exato knife will help cut out the inside plastic.

Re snap the phone back together with the side buttons in the right spots.

put screws back in. attach battery cover. Put stuff in it.