Introduction: Flip an Omlet Without a Spatula

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Ever seen a chef make his eggs fly through the air and think, "Man! l wish l could do that!"?

Step 1: Prep

The two biggest mistakes people make when cooking eggs is too much heat and too little oil. They put the stove on high, lightly mist the pan with Pam and complain that their eggs have to be chiseled off.

For a light and fluffy omelet start with a pan that is easy to lift and move with one hand. l use a stainless steel pan, the fancy nonstick junk is completely unnecessary. Put it on Medium to Medoum-high heat and pour into it just enough oil to cover the entire surface. My favorite oils to use are coconut, grapeseed, or bacon grease depending on what type of omelet l am preparing.

Don't rush it, it WILL heat up. Believe me, it will take much longer to get your rancid smoking oil to cool down enough to cook with then it will take it to heat up in the first place. While you wait do some prep work; whip your eggs, grab the cheese and cut up veggies if you like that sort of thing.

Step 2: Start Cooking

If you want vegetables or meat in your omelet sauté them first. l typically don't do this step because the residents of this home prefer PB&J or cheese omelets but l will advise you not to overdo it with the extras or your omelet will fall apart when you go to flip.

When your vegetables and meat is ready add the eggs by pouring them in a steady stream (not to be confused with a trickle) while gently stirring the oil by rocking the pan in a steady circle. You will see the eggs absorb the oil and start to slide about. If the eggs stick at all it means you set the temp too high. Let cook while rocking occasionally until the eggs are only slightly raw on top.

Step 3: Let 'em Fly!

Flipping an omelet looks harder than it is. Unless you over do it with the oil it will not splash hot grease at you and unless you let it get too hot it will fly off easily. Here's the formula for flipping;

On three, easy thrust forward, sharp jerk back, forward to catch.

lt will probably feel awkward first time but don't feel hesitant. lf you know you are going to catch it you most likely will.

The other side will cook quickly so immediately add your cheese, hot sauce, peanut butter, jelly, or whatever you want in the center then slide off onto a plate.

Step 4: Tah Dah!

Let me tell you, there is no better way to impress a date than to awe them with the amazing egg flipping skills l just bestowed upon you. l did it for my boyfriend back in highschool and a week later he put a ring on my finger. Thus sealing my fate of a lifetime of flipping eggs at breakfast time.

Hope you enjoyed my instructional. A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth a million so be sure to check out the YouTube video l made with Aaron McLaughlin where l give instructions on how to flip omelets and you can watch our eggs fly.

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