Introduction: Star of David Ornament for Christmas or Hanukkah

About: I like to refer to myself as "minimally talented". This means I can do an array of things but nothing too challenging for you to duplicate now that I've shown you how.
Most my Christian friends like to decorate their house with the Star of David around Christmas time as a special shout out to the Jewish people (the people of Christ and apple of God's eye). I do my best to include some six pointed stars in my decorating as well not just because my children have Hebrew heritage on their father's side but also because they are far more beautiful and elegant than any five pointed star.

These stars are made of popsicle sticks and hot glue yet turned out so beautiful my kids insisted l take down the glass Bethlehem Star tree topper and replace it with one of these. For this demonstration l am using jumbo sized sticks but it can just as easily be done with smaller sticks for smaller ornaments.

List of things you will need:
Popsicle sticks (six per star)
Paint, markers, glitter, or whatever else you want to decorate them with

Step 1: First Triangle

At first glance a Star of David looks complicated because of the interwoven design that gives it that elegant appeal. This look won't be accomplished by simply putting one upside down triangle on top of another. You have to interlock the sides by placing them in an over under pattern. Each popsicle stick in the triangle must have their first end over and second end under as pictured. When gluing them in place make sure the sides are as straight and even as possible, if it is uneven the finished product will be lopsided.

Step 2: Second Triangle

Technically you COULD simply make another triangle and secure it upside down to the first one but l do not recommend that method. It will be highly lacking in that refined charm that make the interwoven stars so appealing to look at. For some people weaving comes naturally, for others it is very difficult to get the hang of. If you are one of the latter l encourage you not to give up, pay close attention to the pictures l am including and keep trying. You will know you have it right when the counter resistance of the second half of the star holds itself to the first without any glue.

Snuggle in the next three sticks horizontally at the corners having the first end go under and the second go over. Once they are in correctly interlock the ends of the three new sticks; under, over, under, over.

When you have it right you should gently pry the end apart enough to add a bit of glue for reinforcement.

Step 3: Decorate

To me the only color fit For A Star of David is azure blue. I found the color I like best by using a dark blue Sharpie marker. The finished product matched well with the dark green of my tree. I also gave it a royal appeal by accenting it with gold glitter on the edges.

If you wish to duplicate the accenting be sure not to simply trace one triangle on top of another otherwise the finished product will simply look like a Star of David drawn on top of another Star David and that will ruin the look. Instead trace the edges of the triangle that can be seen skipping the part that is being overlapped by the other. I'm including a picture of one star accented incorrectly at one accented correctly so you can see so what exactly I'm talking about.

Step 4: Hang

I used blue embroidery string and an ornament hook to attach mine to my tree. They would also look good in a wreath, stuck to a window's glass to complement your Hanukkah menorah, on the pillars of the front porch, or you could construct a base to hold them upright as a table top decoration.