Introduction: Floating Beach Candle Holders/Room Decor

These floating candle holders are great for that summer vacation house right along side the shoreline. It creates a relaxed atmosphere full of fragrances that radiate throughout the room, the perfect addition to a mellow summer night.

Step 1: Step 1: Creating Your Jar

You can start by taking any size jar mason jar or a plastic colorful jar unscrew the lid and put it to the side. Make sure you wash out the jar thoroughly and remove any sticker that were on the jar.

Step 2: Picking Your Sand

The next step is to pick out the color sand you want, there is no specific color you need. Once you have the color sand you like, fill the jar till about a 1/4 of it is filled with sand.

Step 3: Pick Your Shells

When picking your shells make sure they are the appropriate size for the jar you are using. For the small jar that I used, I inserted about 3 to 4 small shells I collected at the beach (they can be store bought or you can use the ones fresh from the sea). After you have your shells and sand inside close the jar and shake the jar up. This gives it a more natural look rather then carefully placing each piece.

Step 4: Water Time!

Now its time to pour the water in your jar. Carefully pour the water in the jar and fill to just about the top. You want to save room for your candle. Then You add food coloring. Just one drop is all you need. If the color is too dark or you want a lighter shade take a cup of water and slowing over fill the jar till it is the shade you prefer.

Step 5: Personalize It!

You can type your favorite quote or look on up on the internet. Make sure its length is way longer then the height of the picture so that it will wrap around the jar. You can print it to regular paper cut it out and place tape on the front and back (this is a cheap way to water proof paper). Then roll the quote up, when you unroll the piece of paper it should form and arc shape this allows the paper to wrap around the inside of the jar. Insert the quote in the water carefully along the sides of the jar. For my personal touch I tied a knot around the top of the jar using straw. This is your time to be creative and find something that will make these jars yours.

Step 6: FINAL STEP!!!

Now here is where you can choose to put in the candle or simply close the top and leave it as decor for your room. If you decide you want to put a candle in the car. Measure out the candle and make sure it will fit within the jar. (Double check and make sure this is a floating candle, the last thing you want is a sinking candle.

Step 7: Homemade House Decor

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