Introduction: Floating Drawing Animations!

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This is how to make a drawing float on water and you can even animate it!


Dry-Erase Marker (Blue works well)

Large Shallow Glass Dish

Glass Of Warm Water

Step 1: Draw Your Animation

Using the marker, draw whatever you want(quickly!) and try to do it as dark as you can.

P.S. Don't get it to dark, try using normal pressure at first, if that doesn't work, apply more pressure.

Step 2: Add Warm Water

Pour the warm water slowly close to the edge of the dish and fill it up part-way.

Step 3: Finished!

If all went well, you should have your drawing floating around on the water! (Mine kind of erased in the middle!) If you want to animate it shake the glass bowl back and forth and it will move, wobble, and turn!

P.S. If you want, you can fill the bowl up pretty high and slowly put your hand beneath the drawing, if you do it right, you can lift you hand up and stick the drawing to it!


If it doesn't float:

Either you pouring the water after its completely dried, its not dry enough, or ink is to thick.

If It wont do it past the first time:

You most likely not drying the bowl after each try.