Introduction: Floor Ladder

The gyms are closed!

And it's been difficult for my husband and I to stay focused on training while we have been limited to movement within our home and backyard.

In an attempt to extend our exercise program I have created this Floor Ladder using duct tape.

This tape comes in a variety of fun colours.


2 Rolls Duct Tape - 40mm x 10m

(To add a little fun to the project I used two colours)


Tape Measure

Step 1:

I used the measurements from an existing floor ladder.

I made the side strips 4 metres long and the rails 42 centimetres.

Step 2:

First of all clear an area on the floor. I have floor boards in my house and I used the lines between the boards to keep the tape straight. You could do the same with the grout between tiles inside or outside.

Cut 4 small tape tabs approximately 3cm long.

At one end of the cleared space, stick 2 tape tabs to the floor 38 cm apart.

Repeat at the other end of the cleared space.

You now have 4 pieces of tape stuck to the floor.

Step 3:

Unroll the tape approximately 10cm. Use 1 tape tab to stick the tape to the floor. Make sure that the sticky side is facing up.

(Be careful as you move around. Make sure that you don't stand on the tape.)

Using the line between the floor boards to keep the tape straight unroll the tape to 4m. Cut the tape and then use the tab to stick this end to the floor.

Check that your second tab is 38cm from the first tab and repeat the above steps to create the second side of the ladder.

Step 4:

Unroll the tape approximately 50cm, use a tape measure to measure 45cm and then cut.

Fold the tape in half lengthwise.

(Do this carefully the tape sticks very easily.)

Step 5:

Repeat the previous step 9 more times to create 10 rails.

Step 6:

Once you have made all of the rails measure them again. Trim the rails that are too long.

Step 7:

Place 1 rail across the top end of the ladder, 5cm down from the top.

Check that the rail is straight.

(you could use a try-square for greater accuracy)

Stick the rail to the side strips.

Measure down 38cm and stick the next rail in place.

Step 8:

Continue measuring and sticking rails until they are all in place.

Step 9:

Cover the sticky side of the side strips with tape.

Roll the tape out 20 - 30cm and stick slowly over existing tape. Continue to roll out and stick the tape until you reach the end.

Repeat on the second side.

Step 10:

To finish your Floor Ladder fold the ends to meet. Check that they are the same length. Trim if required.

Step 11:

There you go!

You have a Floor Ladder that can be easily used inside or outside.

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