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Introduction: Floor Model TV Stand on Wheels

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My daughter is 12 and we just fixed her room up. She will probably move the furniture around and will want to reposition the TV. I don't want the walls to start looking like a Swiss cheese from drillholes for the TV mount. What to do? How about a TV bench? Nope - not enough space. Besides, the TV wouldn't be up high enough.

The solution - a TV floor stand (like the ones we have in the conference rooms at the office). My first instict was to go out an buy one. Unfortunately the commercially available products I found are all professional products intended for office use and as such have a very high price point.

How hard can it be to make one? Not hard at all! Read on to see how...

The design I came up with is actually an upside down shelf. The shelf is the base.

Step 1: What to Buy

All you need is cheap and readily available stuff from the hardware store:

  • Long wood board for the neck
  • Wood board for base
  • Shelf rails for the neck
  • Shelf consoles
  • Furniture wheels
  • TV mount (not in picture)

Step 2: Woodwork

  • Saw the board off at desired height (how high do you want the TV?)
  • Cut the rails to the same height
  • Cut grooves for the consoles
  • Saw the base to desired size
  • Round the front edges of the base (toe saver)
  • Paint

Step 3: Assembly

  • Mount wheels
  • Screw one of the rails on to the back of the board (see picture)
  • Clamp the other rail on to the back of the board (so that it can be adjusted)
  • Add the consoles to the base
  • Screw the consoles to the base
  • Level the neck by adjusting the clamped rail
  • Screw the second rail on before releasing the clamp
  • Screw the TV-mount on

Step 4: Done!

Mount the TV - you are done!

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5 years ago

A shelf for dvd player would be nice I think. Good job!


6 years ago

Very nice, I like this idea a lot!

Any concern with it tipping? I wonder if a bit of added weight to the base would help in case it's rolled over a cord, or bumped too hard. Just thoughts . . . :)

This is a great idea!


Reply 6 years ago

Actually, no, not much worry about tipping. That being said, it is not a cross country vehicle. Rolling it across cables, socks and other household obstacles should be done with care. This TV will allways be somewhere close to a wall so there is not much risk of bumping into it. Had it been in the middle of the floor with people moving around, I would have put a bigger base on it and probably strapped a couple of bricks underneath.