Introduction: Floral Head Wreath

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It is trendy to have a very natural look for your wedding day.

Create your own head wreath and you will look beautiful and natural! You can also use this wreath to make your bridesmaids or flower girls look super cute!

Materials are very simple and the procedure to create it is very easy!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You need:

  • A bunch of flowers (it can be the same type or mixed)
  • Floral tape
  • Wire
  • Lace (around 40 centimeters)
  • Scissors

*you will also need a hot glue gun and a lighter

Step 2: Measure the Head, Cut Wire

Use wire to measure the head of the person who will wear it. You only need wire from ear to ear + 5 cm for the knots.

Step 3: Tie Wire Knots

Tie the wire ends with simple knots.

Step 4: Add Lace

Add lace in each know with hot glue gun.

Step 5: Seal Lace Ends

Seal lace ends to avoid having thread away. Use a lighter to seal the lace.

Step 6: Gather Flowers in Clusters

You need to gather around 3-4 flower branches into clusters. While doing it, ensure that they are tied together escalated from top to down (not in the same level). Use floral tape to keep them together.

Step 7: Assembly Flower Clusters in Crown

You need around 12 clusters for the half-head crown. Assembly the wreath by adding each cluster escalated from one side to another in the wire. Use floral tape to keep the cluster secure in the wire.

Step 8: Wear and Enjoy

Your floral wreath is ready! You only need to tie the lace and wear it!

You can use it as a crown or also around a hair bun. You will look super cute!

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