Introduction: Flourless Brownies

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350 Degree Oven, and cooking for 23 Minutes
Prep Time about 25 minutes

Gather your Items:

For this Recipe you Will Need:

1 Cup Butter, Cubed
8 ounces Chocolate Chips
8 ounces Dutch Press Cocoa
5 Eggs
1 1/4 Cup Sugar
1 Shot of this morning's coffee
1 Pinch of Salt
Cooking Spray

1 Microwaveable Bowl, 1 big mixing bowl, and optionally a 16" piping bag, and in our case a Cupcake pan, I like my Brownies to be all sides!

If you need Icing- the Icing in the picture
1 Brick of Cream Cheese
5 oz Baileys Irish Cream
1/4 c sugar
1/4 c coca powder
2/3 c Confectioner Sugar
1 capful Vanilla

For the Recipe above you get everything at room temp and beat the mess out of it.

Step 1: Microwave the Butter!

Microwave the butter (2 minutes in our microwave) until it's bubbling
Add the Chips and they will melt into what looks and smells like the best chocolate syrup of your life.

Don't touch the mix, cause it's still hot enough to burn your fingers.

Step 2: Salt and Coffee

Add Both the Salt, and Coffee,

Mix it in and set aside!

Step 3: Cream Your Sugar

Take your Eggs and Sugar and beat them, beat them hard, long and if you have a partner make them take turns.

Step 4: Add Your Two Bowls

Get every last drop of deliciousness in there!

After that Switch from a Spatula to a Whisk and beat it till it changes color. It'll go from a dark leather brown to a 711 cocoa.

Step 5: Cocoa Powder!

Add the Dutch Press, and Whisk some More!

Step 6: Pipe and Bake

So You can Spoon it in, or you can Pipe it in, I like piping it because I don't drip on the pan. Dripping and over greasing are how you get those dark spots on your pan, and Will always feels compelled to clean them off.

So 350 Degrees is your temp time and cook it for 23 minutes.

You will notice that there isn't a baked picture without icing, that's because Will decided to try and ice them before cool so he could eat them with ice cream sooner. Who could blame him, they're dark chocolate Delicious.

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