Introduction: Sock Monkey

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Original Rockford Red Heel Socks
Here is a cheap site to find them, you can also use rainbow socks or any long sock!

Stuffing, I like polyfil you can find it cheap at Joann's and show up with a coupon.

If you don't have polyfil, you can stuff these in the original fashion with ripped panty-hose.

And for the Eyes at the end you can Either use Puffy Paint or Buttons

We'll be using Puffy Paint, as my Niece is currently at the button chewing phase.

Needle and Thread, you want the thread to be the color of your socks, if you can't find an exact match go for a darker thread. I'll be using Black thread so you can sort of see what I'm doing.

Step 1: Layout Your Socks!

  1. Take one sock and Turn it inside out
    1. With this sock you'll be cutting the body
    2. Twist the sock to look like the second Picture!
    3. Cut up to the cream as seen in picture 3

    Set this sock neatly aside and prepare for sock number 2.

Step 2: Layout Sock Number 2

  • Picture 2 is a drawing of what's about to happen.
    • This sock is all of your parts so, the pressure is on.

    Using Sock 1 Figure out the length of your your arms It sits better if the legs, and Arms are the same Length.

  • You should now be left with an ankle sock.
    • First Cut the Tail (the Fabric will roll, don't worry this happens)
    • Then you cut the Mouth and Ears
      • I realize that if you are beginning to learn sewing, not having a pattern might be freaking you out right now? It's okay the ears are to small and little children will just be excited to have a new toy!

Step 3: Check All of Your Parts!

So this is where you should sort of see that everything looks like a sock monkey, If your parts aren't even this is where you can do some trimming.

Step 4: Do You Wanna Build a Body?

If you read that and thought of Snowman, you've just lost the Game! :D

So all of these items can be slip stitched and are probably most durable if you are a tight stitcher!

I'm attaching a link, which is not mine, but it explains what a whip stitch is, with yarn which due to the fabric choice of knitted sock seems to be the best option!

If you have a sewing machine, or a serger then you can use it, I used it because I have screws in my hand and can't stitch for long periods of time. So I hope you'll forgive me but the order of stitching is the same.

Step 5: Making the Body

If you are using a machine, Start by checking to make sure your threads work!

Step 6: Stitching Order

You want to close in his little feet first, and go up his legs but don't want to stitch his crotch shut yet!

If you live in a conservative household this is when you stitch the red heel shut on Sock 1, but since I'm an aunt, I thought it'd be funnier for the Monkey to have a true butt.

Afterwards using the same stitch order, stitch the arms!

Next Stitch the tail but it's in one stitch with a tapered edge.

You can also take this time to stitch the ears!

You will have to hand stitch the ears, with a whip stitch. Pictures above.

Step 7: Stuff'n Time

Stuff his head, legs, arms, and nose! but not the ears.

Step 8: Stitchen Some Stuff Closed!

I apologize, I had video for all of what happens next however, as it was my first attempt at video for an instructable, it ran long and blurry. So Picture 2 is to show you the order of whip stitch that you attach all his parts in.

After stitching his crotch Closed, Then stitch on the arms, This will give his head more definition. If it doesn't, you might be the type of person who needs start from the head and work down, it's okay,

Just go ahead and get those Ears, Arms, Mouth and Tail attached.

Step 9: Attaching the Mouth

Pin it in place, and ask if it's level.

If it is, Whip Stitch it into place, taking careful attention to tack down the unfinished edges of the sock. When you are done, you want it to look like the last picture.

Step 10: Puffy Paint

Place your eyes and draw them on, I also added a belly button and a couple of strikes on the nose for nostrils.

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