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Introduction: Flower Collage

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Can you name some of the parts of the human

body? You can probably remember quite a few! In the same way that people use their eyes to see, their noses to smell and their hands to feel, flowering plants also have special body parts that help them do different things.

What are the parts of a plant, and what do they do?

Did you know that all plants have a superpower? They can make their own food using water and sunlight in a process called photosynthesis. Roots are the part of the flower that can be found in the soil. Roots gather water and nutrients from the soil to help the plant grow. The stem moves the water and nutrients around the flower, kind of like a drinking straw! Leaves are where sunlight is collected and food is made. Some plants have another special part called a flower. The flower is where seeds are made! Many flowers have brightly colored petals that catch the eyes of people, insects and other animals.

Today, we are going to make flower artwork that includes all of the parts of flowering plants that we just learned about: roots, a stem, leaves, seeds and petals.


Missing something? See our material substitute

list below!

Sheet of paper- cardboard, newspaper, recycled paper, junk mail, styrofoam

Colorful paper scraps- clippings from magazines or junk mail, old photos, cereal boxes, felt

Straw- roll up a piece of paper and tape it together!

Pipe cleaner- yarn, shoe lace, ribbon, moss

No scissors? No problemo! Rip the paper into the shape you need!

Step 1: Make Your Petals, Leaves and Seeds

Using a marker, draw petal and leaf shapes on

your colored paper scraps. You can make the petals and leaves by drawing teardrop or oval shapes, whichever is easier for you! Next, draw a circle about the size of a penny to use as the center of your flower, where you can find seeds.

Use your scissors to cut the shapes out or rip the paper with your hands to make the shapes.

Step 2: Make Your Roots

Cut, twist and bend your pipe cleaner to shape

it like roots.

Step 3: Arrange Your Materials

Using the Parts of a Plant page to help you,

place all of your plant pieces together to create your collage! Make sure that everything looks exactly the way that you want it to before moving on to the next step: gluing it down.

Step 4: Glue It Down

Glue the pieces of your collage to your

background! It may be helpful to glue the flower (petals and seeds) down first and work your way down the plant from there. Tip: draw a dot with your marker about ⅓ of the way down your paper and glue your petals around the dot.

Step 5: (Bonus Step) Label the Parts or Add a Background!

Looking for ways to keep this project going?

Add labels to each part of the plant and add a background to the scene.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    That's a fun project :)

    You should consider entering the Paper Contest :)