Flower Pot Rock Garden

Introduction: Flower Pot Rock Garden

What do you do when your mom gives you a collection of old flower pots after a big spring cleaning. Dig up you old stone collection, buy some nice rock garden (alpine) plants and make a nice rock garden to decorate your balcony. The garden will consist of the old flower pots, some of them broken, in a nice layout with some rocks and plants.

You will need:
- Some (old) flowerpots, it's no problem if they're broken
- Rocks and stones
- Rock garden plants, possibly mosses
- Soil

How to make it?
A broken flower pot can give a nice result because you can layer your garden. If you don't have a broken pot you can break one. This is easiest done with a hammer. Be careful not to cut your hands on the sharp edges. Wear gardening gloves or other protection.

Insert the broken shard horizontally in the broken flower pot. Maybe you need to break the shard again to make it a bit smaller so it will fit. Make sure you fill the space underneath the shard with soil, rocks and/or smaller shards. The soil should be pressed until it's pretty dense in order to prevent sagging.

Use some other, smaller, flower pots to create a nice 'tower'. Use soil, and press it, between all the flower pots to make sure the stack is built firmly. Put soil in the flower pots and plant the rock garden plants. Eventually decorate with rocks and stones.

- Rock garden plants normally don't need much water, so make sure excess water can leave the pots.
- Mix the soil from a bag with sand or very small rocks to improve the drainage.
- Make sure all flower pots have a hole in the bottom for drainage.

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    4 Discussions

    Sandra van de Looij - Kleinendorst
    Sandra van de Looij - Kleinendorst

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi there. Thanks! I put enough soil and rocks in between the pots, filling up empty spaces, to make sure they stay this way. Intentionally the roots of the plant will grow so everything will be fixed even better.

    Danger is my middle name
    Danger is my middle name

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! I have a huge rock collection and this is a really pretty way of displaying them!