Introduction: Fluffy Corn Dogs

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This recipe is so easy to make and delicious you'll never want to buy corndogs again. Whether you want them as an appetizer or a meal this will get to your top 5 for sure. And by the way it's the perfect choice if you are looking for a cheap and tasty snack.

Ready to get amazed?

Step 1: Ingredients

16 sausages

1 egg

1 cup of wheat flour (plus a little more for the sausages)

1/2 cup of pancake mix

1/2 teaspoon of baking powder

1/2 teaspoon of powdered chicken bouillon

1/4 cup of water

1/2 cup of mineral water

1 liter of oil

wood/bamboo sticks

Step 2: Mixture

Stir the egg and add the dry ingredients (flour, pancake mix, powdered chicken bouillon and baking powder). Add the water and keep mixing.

Put the mineral water and mix to get an homogeneous mixture.

Step 3: Prep Up the Sausages

Insert the sticks in the sausages (I previously cut the sausages in half as they were for kids, and it was easier to fry them too).

Coat the sausages with flour.

Step 4: Dip Them

Cover the sausage with the corndog mixture. Hold it from the stick and spin it inside the mixture, then put it up and give it another spin to get rid of any excess.

Step 5: Fry

Immediately place it in the previously heated oil and wait 30-60 seconds. Turn it around to fry the other side. When it's golden and ready put it on a napkin to absorb any extra oil. Do the same one by one. Don't try to put too many corndogs in the oil at the same time because they can stick together and are ready very quickly.

Step 6: Enjoy!

I used them for a kids party and it was a success, so easy for them to eat and just loved the flavor. All of the kids ate more than one so make sure you make enough for everybody. If you want to get the free printables for this amazing Unicorns and Dragons themed party click here to visit my webpage.

Here's a quick video that shows the step by step on how I made this delicious corndogs.

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