Introduction: Fluffy Slime

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How to make fluffy slime

Materials: Elmer's Glue, Shaving Cream, Borax, Water, Bowl, Stirring utensil, Measuring Spoon (1 tbsp)

Make Time: 25 minutes

Optional-Glitter, Confetti, Food dye, floam

Step 1: Borax

Put 1 tablespoon of borax into 1 cup of water→set mixture off to the side

Step 2: Glue

Pour whole Elmers glue container in bowl Step

Step 3: Shaving Cream

Add shaving cream to glue in bowl (Amount varies due to how fluffy you want slime to be. The more shaving cream the fluffier)

Step 4: Stir

Stir shaving cream and glue together (Tip→mix all the glue at the bottom of the bowl)

Step 5: Decorate

Mixin optional food coloring, glitter, floam, sequins, and confetti

Step 6: Add Borax

Slowly mix in 1 tbsp of your borax and water mixture into the bowl

Step 7: Repeat

Repeat step 6 until slime is not sticky and properly put together

Step 8: Knead

Knead slime with your hands

Step 9: Done

You have perfectly stretchy and fluffy slime!

Step 10: Preserve

To preserve slime as long as possible, keep slime in a sealed container or bag.