Introduction: Fluffy Stuff - Two Ingredient Play-dough

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What do you get when you mix shaving cream with corn starch?

You get fluffy stuff (a mold-able play-with-me dough) that could be used to make summer snowballs.

I don't know if I found a cheaper way to entertain a group of children ranging from seven to two for an hour.

Blogger mamas throughout the web rave about this stuff and I can see why! 
It was fun to make, super messy, fun to mold, fun to squish, fun to play with, and inexpensive.

Did I mention it was really messy?

Here's how we made our fluffy stuff:
  • Dump two (2) 16-oz boxes of corn starch into a plastic container. 
  • I used a plastic box that was about 12-inches wide by 18-inches long by about 4-inches deep.  It worked really well.
  • Add an entire container of white foam shaving cream.  I got the one shown at the dollar store.
  • Let the kids mix the corn starch as you add the shaving cream and be prepared with molds if desired.  My kids used the shaving cream lid as a mold an just made mountains, a race track, "snowballs" and just had an awesome time with all the good sensory play that comes out of making this concoction.
It really is that easy.

You could also be prepared with a broom and a dust pan to clean up, as this stuff gets everywhere.
You can also save the fluffy stuff in a plastic zippered bag.

Some other notes (please see the photos):
  • As you can tell, I did this activity OUTSIDE.  Just a suggestion on my part.
  • The kids played with the corn starch for a couple minutes before adding the shaving cream to see how it feels by itself.
  • I needed help taking photos and spraying shaving cream into little hands as it is SO MESSY!  (That is not my hairy arm....)
  • I've never had kids that put things in their mouth but if you have a little one that tends to do that make sure they understand that it is NOT EDIBLE.
  • One blog post I read said that they used this "fluffy stuff" to have a summer snow ball fight.  We didn't do that this time but I may take a doubled batch of it this summer to a park to get messy and have fun before hosing off!
I spent less that $4 on this activity.  The cornstarch was on sale for $0.88 each box.  In retrospect I should have bought ten (10) of them!

The mixture washes off in the bath.  I was able to save the dough for about two weeks in a plastic sealed bag, and my kids got another use of it before it ended up on the ground. 

I think the pictures of my dirty little ones say it all!
Let me know how it works out for you and have fun playing with them while they're little, as always! =)
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