Flying Baby Yoda Crib

Introduction: Flying Baby Yoda Crib

This instructible is about how to make a flying baby yoda crib. Keep in mind that this project uses a drone and not all drone will work for this project. It needs to be strong and not too small.


Drone ( I used a propel drone)
Floral foam blocks
Craft knife

Step 1: Creating Yoda

This step is difficult as you use a craft knife to cave the foam into baby yoda. I looked up a picture online. After carving start painting him like the picture. Keep him and the crib to scale to make sure he fits your drone.

Step 2: The Crib

Take a block of floral foam and carve into a cylinder. Then make a deep crevice that yoda won’t fall out of. Finally paint the crib and don’t forget the little buttons!

Step 3: Attaching to the Drone

Take the crib and get a piece of Velcro or tape to hold it on the drone. You could use glue but I wanted mine to be temporary. Now put baby yoda in the crib and secure all the way around the drone with Velcro.

Step 4: Flying

Get outside and fly your drone!

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