Introduction: Flying DiscoCat

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Flying RoboCats were first discovered in the 80s along with robot unicorn attack when they were most attracted to our similar culture. Flying RoboCats like to troll people by delivering dead mice them caught from anywhere but their neighborhood. They also deliver deadly amounts of cuteness, making them a threat to humanity. Most of the time, however, they hang out in space having intergalactic dicso parties, so they have remained a very small threat to humanity for as long as we have known them.

Step 1: Step 1: Cut Out Your Flying RoboCat

Before cutting out your Flying RoboCat, feel free to color it! You'll have to color the face and wings on the other side of the paper, but it will look fantastic! Also feel free to make any shape of wings you desire! Just don't make them too big!

Now to start cutting:

Do not cut any dotted lines. Cut along the border of your Flying RoboCat. Cut solid lines within your RoboCat, notably the triangle tabs next to the head. Be sure to keep the triangle tabs attached to the body.

Step 2: Folding Up

Fold along dotted lines. Fold the wings and head up along their dotted lines.

Step 3: Folding Down

Fold legs down along dotted lines. Front legs will fold on the side, back legs will fold on the back of the body

Step 4: Front Legs

First, fold down the two triangle tabs next to the head.

Now fold the front legs in half along the dotted line towards the inside of the body.

Lastly, put the triangle tabs over the two legs like shown.

Make sure front legs are not bowing out to the sides. Front legs are done!

Step 5: Rear Legs

Last step!

Fold along dotted line of back legs

Reverse the fold of the back legs so that the pointy part of each leg is beneath the tail like shown above. You're going to fold all the writing on top of itself.

Flatten the fold of the legs at the feet of the back legs, but crease the fold close to the body.

Lastly, make the rear legs bend out a little bit towards the back so your Flying RoboCat doesn't take a seat.

Step 6: You Finished!

Your Flying RoboCat can now go to it's intergalactic disco parties!

Enjoy :3