Introduction: Flying Eyeball Pin

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This Instructable will guide you through the steps to create a Flying Eyeball Pin. The video posted above will also show you through a step-by-step process. This Instructable was created entirely with an iPhone using:
1. Instructables app
2. Built in iPhone camera
3. A+ Signature app
4. Splice Movie Editing app
5. Vintagio Movie app
I would be happy to instruct you through the video creation as well, let me know if you like it.

Step 1: Creating Your Masterpiece

Items Needed:
1. Pilot Wings - these can be procured from flying the friendly skies
2. 18 karat gold spray paint
3. Blue Painters Tape
4. Glue (I use e6000)
5. Painting surface
6. Safety Googles
7. Googlie Eye(s)

How to:
1. Place tape around the pin and a little piece on the logo (the logo piece is to insure a good surface for the glue)
2. Place on a paintable surface
3. Spray the gold paint from a distance of at least 8 inches onto front and back
4. Let the paint dry for about 20 minutes, flip your pin and paint again. I do this several times to make sure it is coated well
5. Peel the tape off after the paint has fully dried (an hour dry time should be fine)
6. Apply glue to the exposed logo area (use as much as you think is necessary)
7. Place your Googlie Eye where you want it, set it flat and let it dry (dry time varies depending on glue type - I do not suggest white glues such as Elmer's School Glue)
8. Pin to a favorite article of clothing and prepare to stun your peers

There are plenty of ideas for a project like this. Please feel free to post similar ideas in my comment section.

Step 2: Notes

As it turns out, I was unable to do everything I wanted with the iPhone app. So this project was created with about 98% of the iPhone application. I wanted to bold and set bullets, waiting for an update (hint, hint, Instructables).

Again, if you are interested in how I created the video - please let me know.
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