Introduction: Flying Rocket

Today we are going to become engineers and build a rocket on tinkercad!

Here are all the stuff needed:

  • Tinkercad
  • 3D Printer (If you want to 3D print your rocket)

Let's take off!

Step 1: Making the Center of Our Rocket

To start, let's get a cylinder and make it long (probably about 106 cm). This is going to be the center of our rocket.

Step 2: Adding the Emitters

Let's start by making the rocket booster. To do this, simply drag the cone shape and turn it upside down. Then, using the triangle button, pull the upside down triangle up.

Next, take another triangle and put it under the upside down triangle. It should look something like the picture above.

To add the rocket booster, we will have to lift up our cylinder. To do this, simply click on the cylinder we made and pull the triangle up so that the cylinder goes up. Next, take a workplane and put it on the triangle. Now, try your best to align the cylinder on the triangles. After you got that, press "d". It should automatically make the cylinder go on top of the triangle. Then, make a few adjustments so that the cylinder is aligned with the triangle. Finally, take another workplane and put it on any of the orange workplane. This will make the workplane disappear.

Step 3: Adding the Top Part

Now we need to add the top part where all the astronauts are going to sit in. To do this, take a triangle and turn it upside down. Try to make the triangle big(like 33 cm for all sides). Next, add another workplane on the upside down triangle. Then, take a paraboloid and using the "d" command, place it on the upside down triangle.

Next take both of the shapes and move them up. Then, place them on the top of the cylinder as shown above.

Step 4: Making the Boosters

By using the same cylinder (Ctrl+C), we can make the rocket boosters. After you copy and pasted the cylinder, you can put a triangle (dimensions: length: 30.06 cm, width: 30.06 cm, height: 22 cm) under the cylinder.

Step 5: Adding the Top Part of the Booster

To add the top part of the booster, just put a workplane on the top of the cylinder and add a paraboloid.

Step 6: Adding Another Booster

To make the same booster, here are two options:

The 1st century option: This option is making the booster again from the cylinder

The 21st century option: This option is just copy and pasting the before booster

I am picking the 21st century option because it's way easier.

Step 7: Putting All of the Pieces Together

Now that we created all of the parts, let's connect them together.

Step 8: FLYING TIME!!!

We are done! We created out first rocket!

Hope you liked this rocket. Thanks

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