Introduction: Scratch Maze Puzzle

Today we are going to make a simple, but hard maze using Scratch. Scratch is a block-based visual programming language.

To start, here are the things needed:

Let's go!

Step 1: Making/Importing Your Maze

To start, we need to make or import a maze. If you are very good at drawing mazes on computers, then you can use the paint option and paint your maze. Or if you are lazy (like me), you can just search "maze" in google or whatever browser you are using and pick out a maze that you like. Then, upload that picture using the upload option.

Step 2: Making the Sprite Smaller

Now that you added the background, go back to the sprite coding section and pull out the when flag is clicked, set size to, and the go to blocks.

The set size is to set the size of the sprite so that it can fit in the maze tunnels.

The go to is needed because if you want to play again, you can go back to the starting point with the coordinates

Step 3: Making the Arrow Keys for the Sprite to Move

Now, we need to add arrow keys to make the sprite move. Just drag the corresponding blocks for the corresponding keys as shown in pictures above.

Step 4: Making Sure You Don't Cheat

Now the sprite can move! The only problem is that you can easily get to the start point and go to the end point without crossing the maze properly.

To make boundaries so that you can just go to the end point, follow the pictures above so that you can create boundaries.

Step 5: We Are Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE ARE DONE! Now you can show this to your friends and siblings. If you are really good at it, try using a timer and try to beat your time!

Here is a challenge: Try to create a timer in the game where it tells you the time when you are finished. I will post the answers later on.

Hope you have fun with this maze! I can't wait to see what you have created! If you have any questions regarding about code or anything, post a comment! Until then, bye bye!

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