Introduction: FutureCar 2000(Silly Solutions)

This is a problem due to COVID-19: People can't get to places. You might be like, "You're not supposed to go outside during this pandemic!" But, if you have an emergency, you really need to go. Lately, there are no ubers, so if you are people who don't have a car, this might be tough. But now, you have a solution: The FutureCar 2000! This autonomous car can be booked via phone in the FutureCar app and autonomously come to your pickup location. The doors automatically open, letting you no need to touch the handle. In the inside, there is a map that shows where you will be going. When you are ready to go, you can say, "Start". This will start the car and will start to drive. When you reach the destination, the FutureCar app will notify you the price of the journey.

Stuff needed:

Here are all the materials to follow this tutorial

  • Any device that is comfortable for you which can run Tinkercad smoothly

Have fun!

Step 1: Making the Base of the Car

To make the base of the car, you will need a box from basic shapes. Make sure the dimensions are 125 cm(length) and 58 cm(width)

Step 2: Adding a Workplane

To add the roof to the car, you will need another workplane. This will be used to place all of the components needed for the roof easily.

To do this, drag the workplane on the rectangle we created in the last step.

Step 3: Adding the Roof

To add the roof, you will need the round roof shape. Make sure the dimensions are 99.14 cm(length) and 58 cm(width)

Step 4: Removing the Workplane

To remove the workplane, drag another workplane on the previous workplane, but not on the shapes. In the picture above, the red shows you where you put another workplane to remove the workplane.

Step 5: Add More!

Now that you created a simple car, it's time to add design! You can add headlights, doors, and many more!

Hope you liked this and as always, stay safe!

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