Introduction: Foam Ears

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Make some easy yet durable animal ears you can wear.


  • craft foam- 2 colors
  • paper
  • writing utensil
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • hot glue gun- low temp
  • headband

Step 1: Draw Your Template

Use your paper and writing utensil to make a template for your ears. Draw an outer ear shape and a smaller inner ear shape. Cut both shapes out & hold them up while you look in the mirror to see if it looks like how you want it to. You can tape them together with just a small bit of tape if you need to but they'll need to be separated again so that you can trace them. You can also make a second ear to hold up as well if it helps you get a better idea. You can easily trace them and re-draw them larger or smaller if you need to.

Step 2: Make the Foam Pieces

Once you have your paper template ears in the right shape and size, set the template down on your foam and trace around it. Cut it out, you may want to cut along the inner edge of your line so that they line drawing is not seen.

Use a low temperature glue gun to glue the inner ear to the outer ear. Do not use a high temperature glue gun as it can melt the craft foam.

Step 3: Punch Holes and Install the Ears

Now you need to punch the holes in your ears. Take care to punch them far enough away from the outer and bottom edges so that you don't accidentally rip them as you install them. If you do rip them you can easily fix them with a bit of hot glue and a spare piece of foam on the back (see the photos of the pink and blue ears).

To install the ears start with the headband going through the hole from the back side & continuing through the hole from the front. This will hold the ears in place and curve them like a real animal ear. Gently slide them up the headband until they're in the right place. Install the second ear onto the other side of the headband the same way.

Step 4: Wear Your Ears

Now you can proudly wear your ears and make more for any occasion!