Introduction: Foam Sheet Pacifier Baby Card

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I find that cards get read and then discarded so quickly that they're seldom memorable. How often have we put the cards in a box, and inevitably forget about them? Or even worse, the cards get discarded as quickly as promotional flyers? I wanted to make a card that was unique, reflected the theme, and the mother-to-be would remember

The plushiness of foam sheets reminds me of the baby toys made of various materials and textures meant to stimulate a child's sense of touch. Foam sheets can be very colourful. A pink pacifier seemed to fit the stereotype for a baby girl. Thus along came my idea of a Foam Sheet Pacifier Baby Card!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

  • 1 pink foam sheet
  • 1 white foam sheet
  • pacifier template
  • scissors
  • tacky glue
  • stapler
  • exacto knife
  • pencil & eraser

Step 2: Trace Out the Pieces Using the Template

Trace the template onto the coloured and white foam sheets, and cut. You should have a total of 5 pieces - 3 coloured pieces (eg. pink) and 2 white pieces (one piece with a handle is the back of the card, one piece without a handle is the front of the card).

Step 3: Score the Handle

Using the exacto knife, gently score across the back of the pink handle. Then, glue the pink handle to the white piece with the handle. Leave the end of the pink handle unglued starting at the scored line.

Step 4: Glue the Pink Pieces to the White Pieces

Glue the pink cap of the pacifier to the top of the white piece without a handle.

Step 5: Score the Lip & Staple the Front and Back of the Card Together

Score the pink lip through the centre, horizontally. Slip it through the white piece without the handle. Place the white piece without the handle on top of the white piece with the handle. Staple the 2 white pieces together at the top right, where the end of the pink handle will cover.

Step 6: Glue the Handle to the Card

Glue the end of the pink handle onto the white piece with the handle and over the staple.

Step 7: Write Your Message Inside

Et Voila! Now you can write your thoughtful message in the card. I recommend you use a fine permanent marker, and to practice writing your message on a piece of discarded foam sheet.