Foaming Soap-CHEAP

Introduction: Foaming Soap-CHEAP

this is a foaming soap from baking soda, hand soap, dish soap; hot water.

Step 1: Materials

You will need dish soap, hand soap, sodium bicarbonate (baking powder), water, and (optional) food coloring.

Step 2: Pre-Mix

Add just enough dish soap to the bottle to cover the bottom. Then, add a squirt of hand soap (Dial) to fill up to 4 oz. Shake slightly.

Step 3: Fizzing Up

You will need a lot of baking powder for this formula. Poar it in; now you can add food coloring color of choice.

Step 4: Shake It...

Yeah!?! Just Do It

Step 5: Freeze the Foaming Soap

Freeze the foam for 15 minutes as indicated by picture. When it beeps, remove the bottle and let sit. Add a shake of baking soda

Step 6: DONE!

When the soap liquefies (melts), you are ready to use it! If you would like, give a drop of food coloring to the mix and use it.

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    spark master
    spark master

    6 years ago

    why the baking powder? I used 1:3 parts by volume and plain liquid soap : tap water and it worked great.