Introduction: Fog Machine Cooler


A bin of some kind. It can be a Tupperware or a bigger moving container, PVC piping and cap, ¾” tubing, a foam of some kind for insulation, a fog machine, chicken wire, ice, hot glue, duct tape, plastic skull, paint (optional)


Drill, drill bits, exacto knife, marker, sandpaper, tape measure, hot glue gun


  1. The first step is to measure out the cut you will need for the PVC pipe to fit and go through the container. The PVC pipe is so the fog will come out of the container in a slow speed instead of just having the fog go everywhere or just stay in the container. The size piping that my group decided to use was 3.5 inches but you can use other sizes. I recommend anywhere from 2 inches to 3.5 inches.
  2. The next step is to make the cut that you just measure out. After the cut is made with either a drill or an exacto knife you can sand it down so that the PVC pipe will fit and so that there aren’t any sharp edges. You will want to use hot glue around the pipe where it enters the container, this will help from fog leaking. It should just look like the PVC pipe is just straight through the container.
  3. The third step after the PVC pipe fits is to make sure that the ice will stay in the container without falling to the ground. That is where the chicken wire comes in. Once you get your chicken wire Cut it out so it is just a little too big for the container and push it down so that it will fit with a bowl-like shape. Once the chicken wire is in make sure that the ice will be supported.
  4. After the chicken wire is checked the next part of this project will be to figure out how the fog will go through the container by either placing it in the container or cutting a hole in the backside of the container. For this part of the project, my group decided to put the fog machine inside the container and have the power cord and be let out of the container through a hole cut in the foam which is the next step of the project.
  5. The next step of this project is for the insulation to be put in. To put in the insulation you need to cut your foam so that it will go on each side of the container so it is like a fuzzy pillow for the lid to be set on. The lid will still need to close so make sure that the foam you choose can compress down enough to do that.
  6. In this step, you will drill a ¾” hole in the cap. This is where you will put the tube.
  7. After the tube is set you’ll want to hot glue it to keep it in place. At the other end of the tube, you’ll tape the plastic skull to the tube. You want the end of the tube pointing out of its mouth.
  8. (Optional) If you choose to do so you can either spray paint the box or hand paint the box. This will give the box a better look in general but you don’t have to.