Introduction: Folding a Tetra-pak, the Fun Way

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Hi there! Looking to save space in your recycling box/bag? Well, if you drink a lot of juice from the 1L Tetra-pak style containers, here is a way to fold them up so they take up less space AND don't come unfolded.

You could, of course, pop out the tabs and flatten the box, but that's no fun! I'll show you another way. One that will better exercise your fingers and look cool when it's done.

First, drink all the juice out of the container. When box is empty, proceed to step 1.

Step 1: Open Plastic Lid and Lift Upper Tabs

Pretty self-explanatory...

Step 2: Pop Out Sides and Fold

For each side, pinch the corners together so that the side of the box pops out and fold from the tab down to the base. Some triangles will appear extended from the base to end up with something like the second picture here.

Step 3: Fold Base Up to Be Parallel With the Rest of the Box.

Make sure that you fold it over to the same side as the cap.

Step 4: Turn Box Around and Fold

Turn the box over so that the cap and the base face away from you. Fold the sides toward you as pictured.

Step 5: Fold Cross-ways and Tuck.

Fold the top down so that you can tuck the top corners under the triangles on each side. Close the cap and you're done.

Sure, in the end it's a useless and inefficient skill, but you have to admit it's fun!