Introduction: Fondant Sheep Cake Topper

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With St David's Day due in March, I'm trying to create as many Welsh cupcake / cake toppers as possible. Today, it's a fondant Welsh sheep - and nope, this one has not made an appearance in Shaun the Sheep lol.

When searching Instructables, I found this amazing post on How to make a sugar paste fondant sheep cake topper which I have to give credit to for the help and inspiration.

All you need is:

All you need for this creation is white and black fondant, a scallop tool, a straight edged tool and something to make circular imprints with. This will simulate the woolly fleece.

Step 1: The Head

Roll a ball of black fondant, then flatten it a little to a short, fat sausage shape.

Press the one side and roll it a little so you end up with this shape (above) profile.

Step 2: Mouth Detail

Using your scallop tool, add a little indent then a straight line from the middle and down

Step 3: The Body

Roll a ball of white fondant in proportion to the black.

Once rolled into a ball, flatten the sides so it becomes an almost egg shape.

Step 4: Wool Fleece

I couldn't find anything in my tool collection to make a circle shape imprint all over the body, so I tool the head off one of my tools, which left me with a tube and a perfect circular shape to make imprints.

Do this all over the body.

Step 5: Fix Head to Body

Insert a cocktail stick down into the body and trim excess.

Use a little water or edible glue, stick the head to the body.

Step 6: Eyes

Roll two small white balls for the eyes and stick on

Roll two smaller balls of black, fix to the centre of the whites to finish off the eyes.

Step 7: Ears

Whilst maintaining the proportions, roll two balls of black fondant, squash or roll flat then shape into long, rounded pieces.

These will be the ears.

Glue both to the sides of your sheep's head

Step 8: The Back Legs

Again, maintaining your proportions, roll two sausage shapes.

Flatten one end to fit under the body, dab a little edible glue or water on the flattened part, then place them under the body.

Tap the bottom of the feet / soles with something flat to flatten them out

Step 9: Tail

Roll a small ball of whit fondant, imprint with the circles the same as the body then, flatten one side.

Dab some edible glue or water on the flattened portion and stick under the bottom of your sheep at the back

Step 10: "Arms" / Front Legs

Roll two thinner sausages, squash the top flat, the same as you did for the legs.

Before fixing to your sheep, flatten the bottom of the 'arms' / front legs to imitate the feet

Using your edible glue / water, fix the 'arms' by the flattened portion to your sheep.

Step 11: Allow to Dry

Step 12: Welsh Hat for St David's Day

Now, if like me you like a bit of a laugh, and because these sheep are for St David's Day cake topper, I've added a Welsh hat.

  • Maintaining proportions, use two circular cutters, one smaller than the other
  • Roll out a ball of black and make a short, fat sausage
  • Taper the top so it's smaller than the bottom and the bottom is smaller than your smallest circle cutter - this is the top of the hat
  • Roll out black fondant and, using the smallest cutter, cut a circle - this is the brim of the hat
  • Stick the two black pieces together - the widest part of the top of the hat on the bottom
  • Roll out some white fondant using the bigger of your circle cutters
  • Place the black hat onto the white portion - this will be the 'lace'
  • Using a tool or cocktail sick, make some indent into the sides of the white to simulate lace.
  • Allow to dry
  • Glue onto your Welsh sheep

Ta-Dah! Doesn't she look lovely?

Step 13: EBook

I made this little dude into a little eBook sort of thing.

You're welcome to download it from here

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