Introduction: Football Bento

To celebrate FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 in Brazil, I made this bento for my 14months old daughter.

Step 1: Football Shirts Nugget

For the nugget, please refer my previous post "Chick Nugget".

For the yellow shirt, I combined mayonnaise, curry powder and a hint of ketchup. The green details were made of cucumber skin. If not for kids, mustard and mayonnaise may work.

For the red shirt, just applied ketchup and made "10" number with thinly cut seaweed paper.

The green one was made of mayonnaise and seaweed powder.

Step 2: Football Rice Balls


  • Cooked Japanese Rice (Sushi Rice)
  • Black Paper (seaweed paper)
  • Sour Plum if available


1. Put a sheet of cling film on your palm and put some amount of rice. As I made them for a toddler this time, the portion is very small.

2. Put a tiny portion of sour plum and cover it with some rice.

3. Close the cling film and make a flat round shape.

4. Cut black paper into pieces of pentagon.

5. Apply the blackpaper pieces on the surface of a rice ball like football patches.