Introduction: Formal Training RIP

Formal Training RIP's can be confusing! Anyone who goes to a formal training class in the Air Force will need to fill out a RIP. As a Formal Training Office manager, proper formatting can make the process a lot less confusing for the member. This tutorial will show you how to format the RIP's your office will receive and how to email them to a member.

Disclaimer - This presentation is for educational purposes only and is not endorsed by the Air Force. None of the products used in this presentation are endorsed by the Air Force or myself. Any statements made in this presentation are the opinions of myself only.

By the time you are done with these steps, you'll know how to format and send RIP's out.


You will need the following:

1. A Mac computer with an internet connection.
2. Microsoft Word

Step 1: Delete the Social Security Number (SSN)

When you format the RIP, you want to make sure you avoid any potential data breeches by getting rid of the SSN. Highlight the SSN, hit Command C to copy, then hit Command F to open up the search bar on the upper right hand of your screen. Hit Command V to paste the SSN into the search bar. Then click on the drop down box and select Replace. The replace section will show up on the left hand side of the screen. You will replace the number with a blank space. Hit the Replace All button and your SSN's will be replaced by a blank space on page 1 and page 2 of the RIP.

Step 2: Delete IS/ and the POC Sentence

TDY Briefings are not required for these formal training classes. To alleviate confusion, in section B. delete IS/ and the following sentence about the POC. This will only leave the option that lets the member know a TDY briefing is not required.


On page 2 of the RIP, add "UNIT FUNDED" to the RENTAL CAR line. If a rental is desired at the training location the funding for that in particular has to come from that student's unit. You want to make that clear to the student as some of these classes are funded by other sources.

Step 4: Add a Suspense Date

It's important the student gets you this RIP back in a timely manner. Doing so will ensure you can process the RIP to ensure funding is available for the student to set up their orders and leave for the training. On the first page the of the RIP there will be a ____ that you can replace with a suspense date of your choosing. Follow your Formal Training Office's local policy to determine that date. For further emphasis, highlight the suspense date yellow so it adds emphasis to the member.

Step 5: Save the RIP in a Designated Folder

You should have a folder set up to save the RIP's you format. Make you save your RIP to that folder.

Step 6: Set Up the Email

To set up the email, put in the member's email and cc the unit training manager (UTM) and your Formal Training Office's organization email address. The UTM is in charge of tracking their unit's formal training classes so always include them. The Base Training Manager (BTM) will have that listing.

Provide a greeting and instructions for the member on what they need to do with it. Make sure you repeat the suspense date that is in the RIP itself. Add any further local instructions and always include instructions on how to get to the ETCA website. This website will have course information and any pre-requisites they might need for the course.

Step 7: Video Demonstration

In this video I put together all the steps you'll need for this process.

Thank you for checking out my presentation. These steps will help you format your training RIP's correctly and make it a smooth process for everyone involved.