Introduction: Format High-Quality Images in GIMP for Laser Cutting (Georgia Tech Invention Studio)

There are a lot of long tutorials out there on how to use GIMP for laser-cutting high-quality images. This tutorial should be straightforward and take less than 5 minutes!

Step 1: Open GIMP --> File --> Open --> Choose Your Image

Step 2: Go to Colors --> Desaturate --> Luminosity --> Ok

Step 3: Filters --> Enhance --> Unsharp Mask (adjust Settings on Your Image Quality Here - Try to Get High Contrast)

Step 4: Image --> Mode --> Indexed --> Then Check Off "Use Black and White (1-bit) Palette" and in the Dithering Menu Choose "Floyd-Steinburg (normal)"

Step 5: Copy the Dithered Image With Ctrl+c Into Inkscape, Send It to the Laser, and You're Done!