Introduction: Fortune Teller

Step 1: Things Needed

Sisters colored markers and white or coulored paper

Step 2: Cutting

Fold the paper over its self

Step 3: Cutting the Paper

Cut along the spare paper

Step 4: Opening

Open the paper and fold over itself to make cross

Step 5: Folding

Fold the paper point to point

Step 6: Fliping

Flip it over and fold it point to point again

Step 7: Writing

Write numbers on each slice

Step 8: Flipping Again

Flip it again and add coulors

Step 9: Flipping Again and Again

Flip it again and open and write things that people to do

Step 10: Closing

Close it up and flip it over again

Step 11: Folding Again

Fold it over on its self

Step 12: Almost There

Open it and fold again the other way

Step 13: Done

Open it by fitting your fingers though and open it and play