Introduction: Fossil Playground (Scene)

I made this fossil playground for the tinkercad contest. One of the reasons I picked a playground is because I like playing on them and then I made it a fossil playground because it would make it look better.

Step 1: Making the Platforms

  • First, I made a bunch of squares and twisted, resized, and put them in the right spots.
  • Next, I made poles out of cylinders that I copied and pasted at the corner of each platform.
  • Lastly, I made the stairs out of three squares that will lead up to the slide.

Step 2: Ways to Climb Up

  • First, use scribbles to make bones of different shapes and sizes.
  • Second, stick each bone onto the rockwall in a randomized order.
  • Now make each bone a slightly different color.
  • Next, make a bunch of scribbles, each one slightly smaller than the other.
  • Lastly, stack the scribbles/rocks on top of each other until it reaches the platform.

Step 3: Adding the Railing

  • First, make a cylinder at one corner of the biggest platform.
  • Next, duplicate it and move it over a little bit; now duplicate and repeat till it reaches the end.
  • Repeat that for every side of all the platforms including up the stairs unless you need a gap.
  • In the second picture notice the opening there, and make the two poles closest to the gap taller.
  • Last, make a cylinder, turn it 90 degrees, so it is on its side and set one on top of every side with railing.

Step 4: Adding Monkey Bars and a Fire Pole

  • First, use a scribble to make a U-shape for the monkey bar handle.
  • Next, turn them so they are standing straight up and attach them to the bottom of the biggest platform.
  • To make the fire pole, make a long pole that is as tall as the tallest two railing poles we made in the last step.
  • After that make a tube and adjust it at the top of all three poles so it fully covers the cylinders.
  • Finally, make a square hole to cut off the part of the tube we don't need.

Step 5: Adding the Slide and Hanging Handle

  • To make the slide, use a screw thread and adjust it around the pole to make it look good.
  • Next, make another screw thread and fit it to the outside of the slide as railing.
  • Finally, use a ring to stick to the bridge by the slide as a hanging handle.

Step 6: Adding Benches, Butterflies, and Trash Cans

  • First, use a bench shape and set it in front, but not to close to the rockwall.
  • Second, add a cylinder to a butterfly for the stand.
  • Finally, to make the trash can, use a cylinder and then make a smaller hole cylinder inside.

Step 7: Mammoth Swing

  • To begin, use a mammoth shape and put it on the right side of the playground.
  • Next, use a scribble to make a small curve for the swing chair.
  • Lastly, use rings to make the chain. (Hint: Dulplicate and repeat.)

Step 8: Finishing Touches

  • First, use a terrain to make the grass.
  • Next, use three rounded squares to make a balance beam.
  • After that, position a triceratops skull at an angle in front of the trash can.
  • Finally, use three eggs and tilt them to make a little nest.

And that's your fossil playground.

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