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Welcome Again !

Today I show You How I make Fountain Soda Maker at Home Using CO2 Cylinder and PVC Pipe.

Materials :

PVC Pipe

Co2 Cylinder



Silicon Pipe 1 cm dia.

Step 1: Cutting Pipe

Take a 15 CM 1 Inch Dia. PVC Pipe and cut as per Picture.

Step 2: Drill Holes

Drill Two 3 mm Dia hole as per Picture using Drill Machine.

Step 3: Take Cylinder

Take one KG CO2 Cylinder and Cylinder adapter.

Step 4: Join PVC PIPE

Take PIPE and CO2 Cylinder Adapter and joint as per Picture using screw.

Then Glue wooden part using Glue Gun.

Step 5: Install Cap to Pipe

Take PVC cape and try this work or not.

Step 6: Connect Pipe

Take 1 cm dia. and 4 feet length Silicon pipe and connect to co2 cylinder.

Step 7: Make Pressure Adapter

Take Pressure adapter and cut some portion then join with pen.

Step 8: Glue With Bottle Cap

Drill Hole through bottle cap and glue pressure adapter to bottle cap.

Step 9: Experiment

Connect bottle cap to bottle and pres PVC handle slowly.

Step 10: Enjoy !

Enjoy Drink !

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    Question 4 years ago

    Is there room on the system for a psi device? I would think that the bottle may rupture seriously injuring someone's hand if over pressurized the cap is fastened tightly on by threads and the fitting has a rim to hold it in place but I have seen what happens to plastic containers when over pressurized. This would be in the case of a child or young adult using it and saying hmm wonder what would happen if??? I mean common with them doing tide pod challenges one needs to think safety with items as of this nature. If you implement safety into the design I think you may have a very marketable item here that would be in the price range for most of the world with today economy. But other than the safety issue very well done I commend you on the build. I have not ever used one of the systems so I really do not know the nuts and bolts of it so to speak I merely make my statement by looking at the design of your magnificent build and wondered about safty in todays world knowing what I know about over presurasation on them containers.


    Answer 4 years ago

    have you seen how much pressure those bottles can hold? I mean, y our concern is still valid but it seems a rather unlikely scenario unless your bottle is damaged/old. check out this video:


    4 years ago

    This is the simplest design for one of these I have seen, great job!


    4 years ago

    nice build, where do you get cylinders and adapter from?


    4 years ago

    Good idea to save money!