Introduction: Four Strand Braiding Jig

Step 1: Four Strand Braiding Jig

By using a jig you can make a very tight braid. Depending in the initial set up the braid can be straight or spiral.

Because the cords are in fixed positions on the jig you can leave the braiding without fear of losing your place.

Step 2:

I started with a 5" square piece if cardboard (size not critical). Mark one side A and using a scissors make a 1/2" slit in the middle. Across from that make two 1/2" slits about one inch apart.

The side clockwise from side A is side B. Make similar slits on side B and across

Step 3:

Middle two strands and attach them to a clip or ring. You may also tie four strands together with an overhand knot. Put the four strands in the jig as shown

Step 4:

Now begins a simple sequence starting with side A at top

Bring top strand down

Step 5:

Bottom strand up

Step 6:

Bottom strand to right (cords are back in starting position)

Step 7:

Place side B on top. Bring Top strand down

Step 8:

Bottom strand up

Step 9:

Bottom strand to left (restores starting position)

Step 10:

Repeat steps 4 - 9.. After several sequences your braid will look like this

Step 11:

Simple variation.

Start with the same color cords adjacent to rather than opposite each other.

Follow the same sequence as described above

This results in a spiral braid.

Experiment with different colors for other effests